Race Day Details for July 14, 2018


  • 10k Relay (Teams of 3-5 swimmers) 
  • 10k individual swim
  • 5k individual swim
  • 1k individual Swim (New!)

swimmer qualifications

  1. In good health capable of making the swim distance
  2. Strong enough swimmer to hold a consistent pace (based on 100 yards) of 1:50 or better
  3. Committed to supporting our veterans and designated charities
  4. Each relay team will have at least 3 swimmers and no more than 5.

Commitment Qualifications

  • Each swimmer has to raise at least $500 to participate. (Registration fee included)
  • A relay team of 3 has to raise at least $1,500.
  • A team of 4 has to raise at least $2,000.
  • A team of 5 has to raise at least $2,500.


  • Each qualified swimmer will get the right to race across the lake, a gift bag of great stuff to commemorate the event, free access to the Navy SEALs demonstration and free access to the food festival (including free food).
  • The top fund raising relay teams will get special recognition, will have their own boat support (so will not have to share a boat with another team), will have a kayaker provided for them and will have a Seal swim on their team with them. 
  • Awards for top 3 Men and Women finishers in each individual race

  • Awards for the top 3 Relay teams in each division: General Relay, Crossfit and Triathlon Divisions.

  • Highest individual fund raisers will get guaranteed kayak support and special recognition.  

Special Crossfit and Triathlon Relay Team Divisions

  • Crossfit teams will be able to compete against other Crossfit teams and gyms.
  • Special recognition and awards for the top Crossfit team finishers and Crossfit teams and gym that raise the most money.
  • Triathlon teams will also be able to compete against each other.
  • Special recognition and awards for top Triathlon team finishers and fundraisers.

Swim route

  • All swim races will begin and end at Wellington State Park.


  • TBD

Bring your family and friends to support you!

Don’t know how you could improve on something that was perfect. Count me in for next year. Can’t wait. THANK YOU for all YOU BOTH DO.
— Linda Cirurso
Hi Phil,

I am in the car on my phone and want to write you and Julie and the whole team a book of thank you’s but my thumbs would cramp and typos would be galore, so I will do my best being concise.

Thank you for dreaming of and executing an amazing day. I keep thinking of everything I loved from the start of the day as an athlete. Athlete food table, coffee, ample bathrooms, so many volunteers, and more. The SEAL presence pre race started the day in the right direction, bag piper was a solid touch and the timing system, hooray! The print out even better!

We got lucky at the last minute with our kayaker not wanting to do 10miles and we ended up with a GEM named Ann. We also ended up stealing a NEMS boat in the confusion of our start and the Locks were more than impressive. The course map on board was referenced consistently throughout the day. Buoys were great too!

Get some rest and enjoy the success of the event!
— Stacy Sweetser