• 10k Relay (Teams of 3-5 swimmers) 
  • 10k individual swim
  • 5k individual swim
  • 1k individual Swim (New!)

swimmer qualifications

  1. In good health capable of making the swim distance
  2. Strong enough swimmer to hold a consistent pace (based on 100 yards) of 1:50 or better
  3. Committed to supporting our veterans and designated charities
  4. Each relay team will have at least 3 swimmers and no more than 5.

Commitment Qualifications

  • Each swimmer has to raise at least $500 to participate. (Registration fee included)
  • A relay team of 3 has to raise at least $1,500.
  • A team of 4 has to raise at least $2,000.
  • A team of 5 has to raise at least $2,500.
  • Each relay team has to bring their own kayaker to support them.
  • It is recommended that each individual swimmer bring their own kayak support, but not required.


  • Each qualified swimmer will get the right to race across the lake, a gift bag of great stuff to commemorate the event, free access to the Navy SEALs demonstration and free access to the food festival (including free food).
  • The top fund raising relay teams will get special recognition, will have their own boat support (so will not have to share a boat with another team), will have a kayaker provided for them and will have a Seal swim on their team with them. 
  • Awards for top 3 Men and Women finishers in each individual race

  • Awards for the top 3 Relay teams

  • Highest individual fund raisers will get guaranteed kayak support and special recognition.  

Swim route

  • All swim races will begin and end at Wellington State Park.


  • TBD

Bring your family and friends to support you!